Who are we

We are skilled product developers and craftsmen

At our factory, we have employees in production all of which are skilled craftsmen, with many years of production experience. We emphasize safety for the workers, and do not use child labour.
At the same time, we are a team of product developers who help our customers get the right product.
All productions are quality checked in production, and finally quality approved before shipment to our customer.Only so can we ensure the quality of our customers’ products that are praying for a successful partnership.

We are present, with an office in Denmark – Zealand

We believe in communication and partnerships. Therefore, we believe in being accessible, why we are present on a various number of exhibitions and events in Europe. We will only succeed if our customers are successful, so we are committed to providing the best service and communication to our customers.

Who are we

CEO, Liza Krøyer
Educated in London in 1993, working as a consultant for a various number of big clients, whom have appreciated her vast experience and creative thinking. She will help you develop your brand, and secure right people for the task. No task is to small.
Direct number: +0045 31686246
Languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English
Production and Quality Director, Arslan Banjavi
Vast experience from a wide range of manufacturing companies all within the clothing business. He´s very detail oriented and secures customer satisfaction. He will take responsibility for the quality of your brand and secures legislation as well as alignment with company policies within production.
Direct number: +0092 301 3088025
Languages: English